The Property Unit Review (PUR) or Audit is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of all existing policies and practices compared to professional property room standards Best Business Practices and Professional Standards such as, IAPE (International Association for Property and Evidence, IACP (International Association of Chief’s of Police, CALEA (The Commission on Accreditation for Law-Enforcement, Inc., and California’s POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training). 

Components of Property Room Review PUR


Department Policy Review  - consists of a complete review of all orders, manuals and documents related to the every day operation handling of property and evidence from submission to disposition.

Procedure and Facility Review – provides an examination of each of the following area to determine if they meet acceptable best practices. The report includes a full narrative describing the identified deficiencies along with photographic support and illustrations for future use. Along with corrective measures and options the report provides a step-by-step plan for correction along examples on how to correct using recommended forms and policy suggestion, emphasizing those areas that have the greatest potential for causing civil liability and/ or embarrassment to the department.