Ms. Mc Kay Hills has worked in the field of Forensic Evidence since 1993. Nancy previously served on the Executive Board of the Arizona Association for Property & Evidence, and is currently a member of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission Policy Team. Nancy was instrumental in the development of the Tucson Police Department’s 80,000 square foot warehouse facility, and received the Chief of Police Citation of Excellence for the relocation of approximately 800,000 pieces of evidence. In 2015, she was awarded the Tucson Police Department’s Civilian of the Year for her dedication and efforts toward evidence preservation. “Give me any size building and I will fill it up, but give me the right balance of personnel, space, and a hardy records management system, there should be no need for expansion.”

Ms. Mc Kay Hills is a co-instructor with the International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc., in addition to assisting in Property Audits with Evidence Control Systems, Inc.

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